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Sawdust BBQ Charcoal

We provide hardwood charcoal that has the best quality using tamarind wood as raw material and it is able to make less ash and has an above average burning time.

For hardwood charcoal, we have specifications of high heat value 7000 kg cal, non chemical, spark less, low smoke, low moisture 5%, low Ash 4%, long burn time 2-3 hours.

For this product we are able to provide 5 of 40 ft container per month to each country.


  • Ash Content
  • Fix Carbon
  • Volatile Matter
    15.5% Max
  • Gross Calorfic
    7.106 J

Information & Shipping

Firstly, Port of loading: Semarang or Surabaya, Indonesia Secondly, Minimum order quantity: 18 MT / 20"FCL Thirdly, Production time: 3.5 MT/Day Fourthly, Packaging type: 1 kg carton box; 10 kg master box fifthly, Payment terms: 50% DP, rest against B/L lastly, Payment method: Bank transfer (TT)


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